Stones of Memory: the new site dedicated to the project “Jerusalem, Stones of memory” is now online

Giacomo Pizzi3 November 2011

The new site jerusalemstonesofmemory.org, dedicated to the project “Jerusalem, Stones of memory” supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta, is now available online.

The site grew out of the idea to give greater visibility to this important project of the Custody of the Holy Land that is aimed at safeguarding the presence of the Christian community in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, and in particular within the Old City.

For a number of years the Custody of the Holy Land, through its Technical Office and in collaboration with the Bursar’s Office, has carried out a wide-ranging program of interventions to renovate and preserve buildings in the Christian Quarter within the Old City of Jerusalem, with the objective of improving living conditions for the local Christians, the living stones of the Holy Land, who frequently live in sub-standard housing.

The project, promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta and financed by numerous institutional (UNESCO, Lombardy Region of Italy, Italian Development Cooperation) and private donors, is giving particular attention to the training of local personnel who are engaged by the Custody of the Holy Land. In addition to carrying out their required project activities, the Italian technicians and experts involved in the project are transmitting their experience and knowledge to the local personnel, so that the Custody will be able to draw upon this resource for future projects.

All of the different activities of this ATS pro Terra Sancta supported project will be able to be more effectively communicated through the site jerusalemstonesofmemory.org, which will be available in Italian, English, Spanish and Arab.