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Giacomo Pizzi15 November 2010

General view of the Holy SepulcherVideos, news, in-depth examinations and lots of pictures: Terrasanctablog, the new page dedicated to the Holy Land, is online at the address www.terrasanctablog.org. Terrasanctablog has been created with the aim of communicating the Holy Land, giving voice and visibility to local Christians and to the Holy Places and telling of their beauty and richness. The contents of the new blog, available in 8 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Arab and Portuguese), are produced by Custodia di Terra Santa, by its video production center in Jerusalem, the Franciscan Media Center, by its NGO ATS pro Terra Sancta and by its publishing house “Edizioni di Terra Santa”. A unique instrument that will permit, thanks to the constant updating of videos, news and pictures, the entire world to remain in contact with the Holy Land and discover the innumerable facets of a reality that is equally complex and fascinating!


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