The Franciscan church in Damascus hit by a mortar shell. Association pro Terra Sancta at the side of the Custody of the Holy Land

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The church of the Franciscan parish in Damascus, located near the gate of Bab Touma, was hit today afternoon by a mortar shell that damaged the dome and broke some glasses. The debris fell on the ground, but there are no serious consequences. Fr. Bahjat Karakach, who was in the church during the explosion, was not injured.

Association pro Terra Sancta, alongside the friars from the beginning of the Syrian war, immediately wanted to show their closeness to the Friars and to all the Christians of Damascus through the words of the Director Tommaso Saltini:

“We will strive to help the Friars financially, to repair the damage. Starting from now, we ask everyone’s support to raise the necessary funds to rebuild what was destroyed. We cannot and we do not want to leave the Christians and all the Syrian people alone, since they are affected by an absurd war.”

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