Aid to African refugees and immigrants from the Far East



In Jerusalem, around 3,500 refugees and asylum seekers come from Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia. They are mostly Christians and flee discrimination, political persecution and situations of extreme poverty, often making long journeys across the desert and facing unspeakable violence and abuse. Once in Israel they face a constant threat of expulsion, with limited job opportunities, exploitation and housing shortages. They do not have access to adequate health care, they live in situations of enormous hardship and due to the great cultural and linguistic ethnic difference they do not integrate into society.

There are very few organizations that help these people in Israel. One of these is the Jerusalem African Community Center (JACC), the only Israeli non-profit organization in Jerusalem that offers refugees and applicants legal, medical and psychological-social support. Association pro Terra Sancta collaborates with JACC to carry out support activities for refugees and asylum seekers.

Pro Terra Sancta Association also collaborates with the sisters of the charity of St. Vincent de Paul in the Mamilla district of Jerusalem. The nuns welcome poor children seven days a week, morning and afternoon, mostly African and Christian children, many of whom are Ethiopians and Eritreans. In addition, the Sisters regularly host elderly people who are not self-sufficient and seriously disabled.


Assistance for children, the elderly and the disabled, mainly African refugees.
Training for educators and social workers
Support for maintenance and renovation of hospitality facilities


Training for educators and social workers
Elderly and disabled people welcomed and assisted
Accepted children, entire families and adult refugees assisted in legal and defense rights in cases of abuse and mistreatment.

Riemn and Tasfum

Riemn and Tasfum are a couple of parents seeking asylum in Israel. Tasfum escaped at the age of 14 to avoid the obligatory military service that is in force in Eritrea and, after a difficult and dangerous journey through the Sinai desert, he arrived in Israel where he met and married Riemna, also Ethiopian refugee. The couple has a child of five and a child of one year who was born with a cerebral palsy that limits his movements and causes epileptic seizures. After maternity leave, Riemn could not return to work to follow her son who needs constant care and attention. Her husband is forced to do two jobs in order to support the family and pay for medical expenses; moreover, for an Israeli law against citizens without status, every month must deposit 20% of his salary in a bank account to which he cannot have access. JACC volunteers took care of the family by establishing a relationship of mutual respect with them. Taking care of mediating between the parents and the Israeli social and health system, they succeeded in getting the child to have an educational program that suits their special needs. Despite the many difficulties, thanks to the commitment of JACC and the relationship of trust that has been established, the family grows strong, independent and with greater hope for the future.

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