A course of mosaics in Bethlehem organized with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta

Giacomo Pizzi23 May 2011

EPHPHETAThanks to the collaboration between Avsi and the Mosaic Center Jericho, the school of Ephpheta in Bethlehem is currently hosting a course of mosaics. The school is a centre for hearing-impaired children of all ages.  We have visited the classes of the 3-year weekly course held by an expert from the Mosaic Center Jericho for a group of 8 children aged 14 to 15.

Initially, after a tour of the school premises with Sister Piera, the school director, we enter the classroom of the mosaic course, where we talk with Sister Ginetta, Raana (a teacher) and the mosaic expert. They explain how the course functions, especially referring to the benefits that this kind of activity brings to the children.

Sister Ginetta says that “they listen with their eyes, and especially when they see something done with their own hands they feel particularly gratified”.

The conversation with the mosaic expert was very interesting; he is very passionate about what he does because, as he tells us, he is a mosaicist and restorer. He has studied archaeology and he has understood that the mosaic tradition is part of their culture. “To me, working with these kids is very important, I am happy to help them learn a job that they can possibly make a living with. It’s a good job and they love it. It’s their first time working with mosaics, but they ask to do it every day. Working and playing with the supplies is fun… getting dirty with it. They are happy.”

The same course takes also place in the girl school of St. Joseph of the Holy Land, over a period of 2 years thanks to the collaboration of another expert from the Mosaic Center Jericho.