Capernaum: the new website dedicated to the “City of Jesus”

Giacomo Pizzi7 May 2012

Building upon the success of its website for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Custody of the Holy Land is now offering to all pilgrims and devotees the possibility to learn more about the “City of Jesus” through a new website dedicated to the Sanctuary of Capernaum, with enhanced graphics and updated materials in four languages: Italian, English, French
and Spanish.

The contents, divided into thematic sections, will accompany visitors in their discovery and understanding of the place that is Capernaum, where Jesus lived and worked.

The Virtual Photo Tour of the archaeological site allows people to immerse themselves in the remains of the village and, thanks to state-of-the art 3D archaeological reconstructions, they will be able to carry out a journey in time above the House of the apostle Peter!

The unveiling of the website for Capernaum represents the second stage of a Project for renovating the Internet sites of the Sanctuaries, a project conceived by the Franciscan Custody to assist pilgrims coming to the Holy Land as well as others who wish to find information on the Sanctuaries.


Find out more about the project being carried out in Capernaum

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