December 2014

Give a Christmas of hope to the elderly of Bethlehem

With Christmas just around the corner, in Bethlehem the festive atmosphere is readily apparent in the crowded streets lit up for the Christmas markets and concerts. Unfortunately, not all is well. During holidays there is a risk that the weakest and excluded elements of society, such as the elderly, will feel an even more acute sense of marginalization and solitude than is normally the case. To be elderly in Bethlehem often means to be alone, poor and ill, since there is no public health care.

Thanks to the involvement of Association pro Terra Sancta, today is a day of celebration for the elderly of the Società Antoniana of Bethlehem. And in addition to the activities of the daycare center – carefree moments, group dances and the traditional bingo – we have provided a Christmas lunch. The dish of the day was mansaf, the traditional local dish made from lamb. Santa Claus in person delivered the gifts to a crowd of joyful elderly who were grateful for this moment of celebration and happiness.

You too can do something concrete for our elderly friends in Bethlehem: with

5 € you will provide a meal for a guest of the Società Antoniana

33 € you will cover the monthly medical expenses for an elderly person who is ill

100 € you will help the soup kitchen which is open three time per week

At Christmas time please make a gesture to help the poor of Bethlehem. A heartfelt thanks from our volunteers and the nuns who are taking care of these elderly people.

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