February 2013

Inauguration of the new premises of the General Library and Archives of the Custody of the Holy Land

The new premises of the General Library and Archives of the Custody of the Holy Land will be inaugurated on Thursday 28th February from 8:30 am at the “Immacolata” Hall in the Convent of St Saviour (Old City of Jerusalem).

On the same date we will also open the exhibition “Books of the Holy Land. A journey among the ancient books of the General Library of the Holy Land Custody in Jerusalem”.  The activities of study and cataloguing of books from the ancient collection and of the Itinera ad Loca Sancta,which have made this exhibition possible, are part of the project entitled “Books, Bridges of Peace”, supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta and by the European Centre for Research “Libro Editoria Biblioteca” of the Università Cattolica of Milan. This project—brought to life thanks to the constant efforts by ATS pro Terra Sancta during the last year— has involved several researchers, cataloguers, a volunteer from the Civil Service, and has taken advantage of the precious work by the volunteers of the Romano Gelmini Association, who have transferred all the books from the old premises to the new ones.

The huge heritage of books held in the Library is now available online, and the scholars and researchers who are interested in  accessing them can do so through the new Library website: http://bibliothecaterraesanctae.org/  (in the section “Catalogo – Opac”:  http://opac.bibliothecaterraesanctae.org/ )

Please find attached the invitation to the inauguration! 

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