Non nobis: the midnight Christmas Mass in the Nativity Church

Giacomo Pizzi6 December 2010

Message from the organizers:

Terra Santa NataleThe Accademia delle Opere will perform in Bethlehem at Christmas. This project came to life some months ago, when Father Armando Pierucci, organ player of the Holy Sepulchre – together with Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Franciscan Custodian of the Holy Land – contacted our Academy.

It was a great honour, which led to the idea of a real concert to celebrate the Midnight Mass at Christmas, in the Nativity Church, exactly where Jesus was born.

Not a concert, but a discreet and touched accompaniment for the celebration.

A great and unique honour, to perform during the most important Mass on the most important day for all the Christians all over the world; but above all the opportunity to prove our gratitude and our vicinity to the oldest Christian community, in a historical moment, when their presence in the Holy Land, so meaningful and tenacious, is at great risk.

To do this, we also need the contribution and generosity of those few who will decide to help us.

The investment we ask for will not bring visibility, but it would be a great gift for the Christians of the Holy Land and a message to the world, which on that night will contemplate with even greater awe the Event which saved the world.

More about the project: Non nobis, Christmas in the Holy Land

Help ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Custody of the Holy Land to support the initiative!