July 2012

We don’t lack ideas and friendly actions to the Holy Land

The summer comes but solidarity doesn’t go on holiday. Many are the initiatives, small and big ones, to show togetherness to the live stones of the Holy Land. Here are some messages that we received in this last period:

“Dear friends, we are four twenty years old young from Udine and this year we decided to save some money for the project aimed to the children of Bethlehem that you are supporting. This morning we donated 40 euros by paying-in slip. We wanted to thank you with these words for the seeds of hope and good that you bring to those places. We hope to meet you one day in Jerusalem!” Federica, Mattia, Barbara, Denis.

“We are grateful for your work. May God bless the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land abundantly. We continue to support you with each pilgrimage and constant prayers.”

“Pray and give to sustain the perishing, that they may come to the one Holy Faith. Heartbreaking, as we take for granted in America what we have, and will soon lose, if we do not stand for the Holy Faith. Thank you for sharing this video of lives who need Jesus”.


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