Recipes from the Holy Land

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Discover some of the best fresh recipes from the Holy Land and try them at home! It’ll be a way to stay in touch with us for the summer! If you wish you may then share a picture of your plates with us on Facebook; send it to:

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The Maqloubeh from Nisf Jubeil

Here’s the recipe by Umm Samer from Nisf Jubeil!

Maqloube is the national Palestinian dish made from spiced rice, which is mixed with fried cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes and meat.

In Arabic, Maqlube (Makloubeh or Maqlooba) means “upside down” because once cooked the pot with the rice is turned directly on the serving plate so that the rice remains compact like a cake.

Le The Meze from Sabastiya

Here’s the recipe by Faten from Sebastia!

Meze are a selection of simple appetizers to prepare, very popular throughout the Middle East.

In a typical lunch, before the main course, there is always a series of countless appetizers that are brought to eat with pita bread and often the risk is to eat too many and not be able to eat the rest!

Here’s the recipe by Clara and Rozan from Dar Mamilla!

Layali Lubnan, in Arabic “the nights of Lebanon” is a simple and very fresh dessert. An ideal dish to amaze your guests at the end of a summer dinner!

The origins of the dish are Lebanese, as emerges from the name of the dessert itself, which would refer to the sleepless nights of Lebanon, but it is very widespread and loved throughout the Middle East.